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TheWeightofLiving By _weight_of_living_ Completed

• WILL BE TAKEN DOWN 12/31/16• Antoinette hasn't stepped outside since she was five years old. She wasn't even allowed to open a window. For twelve years she is stuck in an apartment with an insane Succubus - unbeknownst to her. What happens when a man comes knocking at her door, looking for Antoinette's Master, Madam? 

Eden, The King of Hell, as he has been dubbed. An enthralling and powerful Incubus with an alluring dominance. His life is one day turned around when his mate is murdered in cold blood, and once again turned on it's head when he meets someone immune to his Incubus charms, but is herself weak of the mind.  

Can these two fix each other's broken souls?

~~cheesy as hell, I know. The book really isn't though~~

Oh my god a taco bîtch is about to face the wrath of the alien smileys! :: (
                              You don't want to mess with them when they're frowning!!!!!!
I love it so far! You're really talented 👍🏻👍🏻 so Henri is the main character?
🔫🗡🔨⚒⛏🔪⚔🗡⛓⚙⚔💉 The taco bîtch shall know pain
Well... this was unexpected, but I absolutely love your story!!!
Oh God that's horrible!
                              Love love love the story so so much! You're an amazing writer, your style is great!
What?! That fûcking bîtch go die in a toilet!!!! Fûcking taco bîtch I hope you burn in the wastes of the underworld!!! ☠☠☠