MCSM Roleplay

MCSM Roleplay

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Welcome to the MCSM Fanclub! By MCSM4thewin Completed

Experience the story of Minecraft: Story Mode in person in our ULTRA-fast-paced community roleplay! Where you'll fight bosses, meet new companions and... Just have a HELLA lot of fun. XD

Roleplay starts on every Saturday/Sunday!

(This roleplay has officially closed for accepting new roleplayers. Details are in our notice board.)

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Strip_the_flesh Strip_the_flesh Sep 12, 2016
Fair skin, black hair, grey eyes, black studded leather jacket, black skinny jeans, combat boots and black lipstick.
Tacounicorn5 Tacounicorn5 Dec 18, 2016
                              Looks:tan skin,black hair with a streak of purple,hazel/blue eyes,and freckles
                              Personality:(same as willows)
UnderfreshSans UnderfreshSans Oct 29, 2016
I See now why you close it, People are spamming with the form...
Strip_the_flesh Strip_the_flesh Sep 12, 2016
Attention on her, bunnies, anything cute, noobs, and loud noises
PhoenixBlaze951 PhoenixBlaze951 Sep 11, 2016
Had to have surgery when 5 days old but luckily survived.Was found alone near a lake so Holly adopted her