Yes I'm A Suoh

Yes I'm A Suoh

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Midnight Suoh was forced to leave her family because she was different from her mother and father and her grandmother Of course didn't like Midnight. Midnight was so depressed to leave her family at a young age but she was mostly sad about leaving her only brother,Tamaki Suoh who they have gotten very close for only six years.Midnight went to America for Nine years.She was all alone the only thing to keep her company was her music.But what happens when all that changes? Her Father and grandmother had agreed that she can come back to Japan and go to school to Ouran Academy.Will Midnight stumble upon the Host Club? Read to find out.


This is a remake of my old story Yes I'm A Suoh but I deleted it because it sucked.

I do too. Tho I rarely have it anymore, since I'm starting to grow out of it
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Not to be rude, but when you make information for your character, it should all be something that you learn throughout the story, not something that you just state at the beginning. Plus, it makes it much more fun getting to know your character! Just a tip :>
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