banana popsicles (yoonmin)

banana popsicles (yoonmin)

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kookachu By cactuskook Updated a day ago

"want one?"

"who the hell are you?"

story in which Jimin was too nice, too innocent. he just wanted to share his popsicle. jeez Yoongi. 

: high school au :
: mature content :
: kinky :

Why does giving your popsicle to someone sound like a way of saying u lost your virginity to them😂
minamomma minamomma Nov 09
My ass read that first part and way like... okay so this story is gunna b a lil dark....
Exo_BAP Exo_BAP Nov 05
Y-yeah? Cornflakes? Pffffft yeah right -chokes on cornflakes-
Then you must be 10 years old wow congrats feeling so proud aren't you
gwangminn gwangminn 12 hours ago
People who bite their Popsicles and ice cream I can't trust lmao
Summer is the worst I have to leave the safety of my room just to look at burning ball of gas and wish I wasn't there