New recruit (Haikyuu fanfiction)

New recruit (Haikyuu fanfiction)

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ばか By yoboi-jayde Updated Dec 06, 2017


Her face.

Tanned skin with bright green eyes that seemed to hold thousands of different shades. Thick long eyelashes, pitch back like her thin neat eyebrows. Soft light pink lips, not too big but not too small, behind them were sharp pearly white teeth and a deep but still fairly feminine voice. 

Her body.

Short, muscular tanned legs and small rough feet to match. Her stomach was toned but not over the top, her shoulders were fairly broad but once again still feminine with muscular, incredibly, biceps. 

Her mind. 

A wall of humour, rage, wit, confidence and charms, hiding her scared centre. Scared of falling into the same traps as she did years ago. 

Her friends.

See her as who she is and love her to bits. 

Her family.

Would have been proud of her.

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tobiyolo_ tobiyolo_ Mar 15, 2017
                              She's perfect the way she is ❤️
                              But it wouldn't hurt to make her feminine
koudai koudai Jul 15, 2016
Kyaaaa~ your fanfic is so cute <3 please keep updating •^•