The Underground thugᵀᴹ (Levixreader)

The Underground thugᵀᴹ (Levixreader)

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[Edited Aug•28•2016 - Sep•1•2016]

Hey, guys this my second Levixreader story I make!!
It's also modern time!!
It's one of my first stories, so it's not the greatest!!
There may be some errors, sorry!!!! =^=

>>Thanks for the 89k reads!!!<<

"Do you believe in reincarnation?"

"'Cause, I do."

"I belive we'll be born again and once we do, we'll meet again."

"And fall inlove again."


This takes time when Levi was an underground thug, with Isabel and Farlan.

But, you are in the Survey Corps, so what happens when you meet the underground thug?


-I do not own the Attack on Titan cast or plot, that is from the series!
-Original series belongs to Hajime Isayama
-I own my OC (Jen Shinozaki)



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Hanji sees all. She knows that you'll fall in love with a certain Levi's abs 😏😏😏😏
...... I don't get this..... other people have to do stuff while 13 people don't do the same....
martikuli martikuli Jul 29
I really like the way you write,the story hasn't even starated and I'm enjoying  it already.❤👌😂
Paletak-pop Paletak-pop Aug 23
                              ARE WE GOING TO PLAY TAG? BECAUSE IM DOWN
Tinysamhed Tinysamhed Apr 09
This is really funny because my actual online nickname is Tiny! 😅
He is always serious isn't he? So is he always thinking of me and my birthplace?