Captured by a Demon's Heart

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Kat Luna By RedPandaKat Updated 3 years ago
Raleana has not been the same since her family's murder by royal demons .She was lucky enough to be saved by Hezley, a demon hunter who also befriends Raleana. She has sworn to avenge her family by killing Akiin, King of demons. One night while hunting she encounters Sazul, a Kapluma demon who states that Raleana will be captured by his heart and become his mate. Raleana writes this off as insane, but soon Akiin sends many blood crazed demons to kill her and Sazul might be her only hope to stay alive.
It's actually really good so far can't wait to see what the demons, the half demon and Ralena. did I spell that right?
sorry, but the whole "demon heart" thing sounds a bit cliche. I keep reading though
You need to put spaces between your punctuation, it's confusing me.
Hey :) this is pretty good. I like the way the girl character is sounding already. Plus the other characters so far. I think your imagination to this story really captured me. Nice. Onto the next chapter.
@Ruukachn OMG! I  L O V E the maximum ride series. waitng for the last book to come out but i already hate the title that as released "THE END....of maximum ride" sad right. sorry for ranting i am just bored ;P
fang!! omg the guy on the cover is fang from the max ride graphic novels!!