Jacob Sartorius Imagines

Jacob Sartorius Imagines

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So, this book will be filled with cute/sad/funny/dirty Jacob Sartorius imagines/preferences!

I'll put a note at the beginning for what type it is!



HarleyQuinn_92 HarleyQuinn_92 Jul 29, 2016
When your nickname is Kapri-Sun (when it's spelled we spell it with a K cause my name is KC)
jobellporter14 jobellporter14 Jun 08, 2016
Realationships be like g= girl m= meechonmars 
                              M bye love u 
                              G love u more 
                              M u probably do u probably do 😂😂
Maddie_Sartorius_MS Maddie_Sartorius_MS Sep 04, 2016
Y/F/N(your first name) and Y/F/N(your friend's name) are the same
fvckingsarah fvckingsarah Jul 14, 2016
'Just as you fell asleep he sneezed'
                              "I said I wouldn't say 'I told you so', but, I told you so
Anything is possible woah oh oh (sorry I had to do the Barbie thing)
Aniyah180000 Aniyah180000 Jul 10, 2016
Jacob satourius would never do anything like this stuff haters