Edits, Drabbles, Ships, And More.

Edits, Drabbles, Ships, And More.

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Big Daddy Bean By Maze_Runner_Freak Updated 19 hours ago

Dedicated to @Star-Guts.

Short stories and story ideas. Edits made by me and fanart from Tumblr.

Black Lives Matter.

Western feminism is unimportant.

Eastern  feminism is necessary.

I (was) With Her.

I love Barack Obama.

-Luparis- -Luparis- Apr 02
Have fun knowing they're technically just playing a game that will have no impact to what happens when their done playing...which means when their done playing their Craig will go back to dating Tweek.
-Luparis- -Luparis- Apr 02
Stop calling me bby my friends already ship me with you.... >:(
Oh dear god I had that book and movie spoiled for me by my goddamn school Facebook page
kinoeh kinoeh Apr 09
I got some hardcore detailed crenny sex-filled pictures if ya want 'em. just don't know how to send 'em to ya, buddy