I Missed You Too, Felix

I Missed You Too, Felix

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Fae By nasaspector Updated Dec 25, 2016

Felix returns to his home in Paris after finishing an exchange program in America. With his arrival comes many surprises especially from his old friend, Marinette. 

A reunion of love and comfort. 

"We were friends...I'm so happy to see you again" 

[Was originally a one shot but will be turned into a series!]]

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kkrulez001 kkrulez001 Jun 02, 2017
That's just High and Mighty Mr.Gabriel Agreste!
                              Just the thought of Adrien growing up to eye like that makes me laugh!
MiraculousLuisa MiraculousLuisa Sep 11, 2017
Wait. Adrien a blue scarf, and Felix a green scarf? Coincidence? I THINK NOT!
kkrulez001 kkrulez001 Jun 02, 2017
MARI!!!! Or Bridgette...... I like him better with Bridgette and Adrien with Marinette!
Ship_Queen321 Ship_Queen321 Dec 20, 2017
I'm Adrien if I didn't approve of someone my friends would be dating and I would just watch them while hissing or separating them if he tried to hug her bc I am protective of my friends
i dont know what to do
                              my friend says choco is bad 4 u on ur monthly
                              my OTHER friend says choco is good 4 u
Pusheen_Penguin20 Pusheen_Penguin20 Aug 27, 2017
NO ONE COULD BE SICK OF SWEETS!!! Except maybe people who don't like sugar, sweets, or just everything related to sugar in a way