Leafy x Reader

Leafy x Reader

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Leafyis100%beefy420 By brennonurie1220 Completed

Do you like sad stories with happy endings? Well this is just the fan fic for you! Even if you don't watch my reptilian god, you can still read this touching story! Peace peace

3.9K views?! NO WAY!?! I love ya guys

And if you have any ideas for me to write, I'll get right on that bro

MonyRuzzy MonyRuzzy Jan 01
I thought this was a fücking x reader?!? Im not nora motherfucker *stabs Nora*
TylerFellThrough TylerFellThrough Oct 27, 2016
He'd say something romantic, and I'd say something like "Oh god that was so cringey, you make me wanna kill myself"
Animedearest467 Animedearest467 Nov 24, 2016
Let's just go with that. And not the fact that I just killed that Nora person
I'm screaming because he would never say something  like that (cringe)
vilivejo vilivejo Dec 05, 2016
He'd probably smell like axe deodorant  (ugh smells disgusting) and grease.
Animedearest467 Animedearest467 Nov 24, 2016
I thought he would smell like lint and shame.. GUESS I WAS WRONG!