Leafy x Reader

Leafy x Reader

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Do you like sad stories with happy endings? Well this is just the fan fic for you! Even if you don't watch my reptilian god, you can still read this touching story! Peace peace

3.9K views?! NO WAY!?! I love ya guys

And if you have any ideas for me to write, I'll get right on that bro

                              Please don't call it a x reader if it's not you
sushimooo sushimooo Apr 30
Me:Who the FUK IS NORA
                              Friend (Josh): lol you're reading a OcXLeafy I think
                              Me:SON OF-
                              Friend (Josh):Or it's really awkward and he thinks your someone else
sushimooo sushimooo Apr 30
Yo I work at Starbucks some biatch girl came up to me and yelled "BISH GET A FUKING JOB YOUR GOOD AT YOU SPELLED MY NAME WRONG, HOW DO YOU GET POLLY WRONG, YOU PUT BIT*H YOU RUDE BISH", I just said "Welp,funk you gurl I spelled it wrong on purpose"
nora is my best friend's cat...
                              i wasn't quite looking for "cat x leafy"...?
- - Oct 27, 2016
He'd say something romantic, and I'd say something like "Oh god that was so cringey, you make me wanna kill myself"
MZMeltdowns MZMeltdowns Feb 11
(*´・v・) pinecones are worthless... Exact for building Fall snowmen