-DC's Legends of Tomorrow Preferences & Imagines-

-DC's Legends of Tomorrow Preferences & Imagines-

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Yeshie-Bro By Miss_Random_Lady Updated Oct 29, 2016

Hey! If you're readin' this you probably:
1. Have eyes
2. Love Legends of Tomorrow as much as I do!!

I literally watched it a few days ago and fell in love with it! My first episode, though, was the one in 1975 (The young Stein thingy) I think...

Anyway! I do preferences, imagines, and requests! (no smut, sorry.)(No requests at the moment)

- Rip Hunter (pretend he's not married, but I do ship him with Miranda <3)
- Raymond Palmer
- Leonard Snart
- Jefferson Jackson

I'm doing only the boys and the good guys cuz i'm not good with sara and kendra (sorry) nor with the baddies like vandal and mick.

Mmkay? Mmkay!


Roannseal Roannseal a day ago
Don't worry *SPOILER ALERT* Mick turns back to the one we all know and love
Roannseal Roannseal a day ago
Hi I have a request. Could you write a story on Ray's little sister Amelia, who Jax falls in love with. If your to busy I get it! Please and thank you!
sparkle123tt sparkle123tt Jun 28, 2016
Hi i was wondering if you could do an imagine for me when you get the chance? I understand if your too busy, have to much work to do or anything.