A taste of Candy

A taste of Candy

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girl_sneakerhead By girl_sneakerhead Updated Jun 09, 2014

This story contains explicit content. If not able to handle it DO NOT READ! You have been Warned!

Tamia Wilson aka Candy was just your normal stripper. She was about her money.Even as a kid it was apart of her life plan. She was one day meets the boss and he's sinfully handsome.

Shawn Ewing is handsome and he knows it. He owns Club Pyramids and other stuff. What will happen when he becomes interested in one of his strippers when his life style is fuck and duck?

He also isnt the most liked man.His past may come back to haunt him.
Will Tamia be willing to fit him into her life?

Will the two get together?

What dangers do they face?

Karma is a B*tch. And it may come back to haunt you.

Sex, Betrayal,Lust, etc.

Come experience Candy's life.

wpruitt7186 wpruitt7186 Jun 02, 2016
No even trying 2 front I thought it said her name was ebola there 4 a sec lmfao
XO504QVEEN XO504QVEEN Apr 13, 2015
Lol girl you a stripper what did you want to be in a suit!?!?!?!?
girl_sneakerhead girl_sneakerhead Sep 29, 2014
@tammi123 lol its not necessarily a stripper name. I just didnt give her another name.
tammi123 tammi123 Sep 29, 2014
Omg my name is Tamia I don't know whether to be honoured that a character has my name or offended that a stripper has my name lol
blackisart blackisart Sep 27, 2014
I literally didn't even get 5 seconds into this book and the fuckery already just started. The way it hut me tho
SandySaint SandySaint Mar 26, 2014
You did a swell job of writing this! I stayed interested the entire time good job