Because of a Girl Like Me

Because of a Girl Like Me

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Shelby V Painter By Shelby_Painter Completed

**Now published with Tapas**
Nineteen year old Sienna Mathews' world is falling apart fast.
She had what most would have thought was a good life.
A great dad and an attentive boyfriend. A nice quiet existence in a small town.
That, however, was before the girls began to disappear. 
Sienna's small town in Stoneacre, Alabama was being plagued by the mysterious kidnappings of local teens. 
What's even more disturbing than that? How about throwing in that all of the girls being taken look just like Sienna? 
As Sienna realizes she is being stalked by someone, and girls are continuing to vanish, she is lead to begin to question all of the people in her life.
Who can be trusted?
Who does she really know?
Will she find out before it is too late, or is her fate sealed with the rest of them?

Highest Rank #46 in Mystery/Thriller
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Incredible cover by the amazing @joeyness_ :)

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  • romance
  • serialkiller
  • stalker
  • suspense
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SilverPurpleOreo SilverPurpleOreo Apr 09, 2017
I can't find the book on Tapas, what's the name of it or your account so I can read it please 😊😊
PinkSky1105 PinkSky1105 Jul 22, 2016
Keep up the good work!!!!!! LOVE all your stories!!! ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣
laila_marie123 laila_marie123 Jan 07, 2017
gentry013 gentry013 Aug 26, 2016
You just thanked me for adding your book to my list. My communication board isn't working at the moment. But I want to say that I look forward to reading your book. Do you mind taking a peek at the book I'm writing? It would mean a lot to me! Thanks
Kapuyo Kapuyo Jul 10, 2016
It looks so good!!! I totally understand what you mean by how you love it! I felt the same way about mine!
cinders75 cinders75 Jul 10, 2016
This is phenomenal!!!! Captures the story perfectly, very well done!