Unstoppable (Saigenos/Genosai)

Unstoppable (Saigenos/Genosai)

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Genos has had feelings for Saitama for a long time, and those feeling are what persuade him to start bringing the class-B hero along on his missions. After all, who wouldn't want to have their crush watching them fight?

Saitama is overjoyed when Genos offers to take him on missions. But more feelings arise than expected while watching the Demon Cyborg, because Genos' fighting is amazing, and frankly, quite a turn-on....

Cover art by kukumomo on Deviantart.

foxylike123 foxylike123 Nov 16
Me:Is it metal
                              That owl from the commercial: the world may never know
                              Me: when did you get here!?
Rosette556 Rosette556 Sep 19
Dude are you just doing this so ya won't have to train him??!😬😱
I wouldn't mind if he poked me with it 😏😏😏😂😂😂😂
grodykid grodykid Apr 08
"Naked wrestling tournament in my room.
                              It will strengthen your anus."
                              (OMG I NEED HOLY WATER,)
grodykid grodykid Apr 08
Saitama logic: 
                              "Watching some guy fight an epic worm?
                              Pssshhh his ass is better."
                              (But Genos butt is pretty majestic,)
Oh but saitama! Genos' butt is not the king! Its Spain! But you must not fret for genos' is the successor