Wanted|Stiles Stilinski|Dark Kitsune

Wanted|Stiles Stilinski|Dark Kitsune

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Yoonminnie By jiminhurtsmyheartu Updated Oct 14, 2016

It had been a week. One week since the Nogitsune.  One week for everything to go to shit again; could they ever catch a break? Stiles had been locked in his room for most of the week, not avoiding, just catching up on some well-deserved rest that was well over-due. And it was nearing the end of that week when he noticed it and the shit hit the fan, so to speak.


After the events of the Nogitsune Stiles thought they would finally get a break that they would finally be able to have normal lives for once. Boy was he wrong! Now they had a dead-pool to keep up with that they were on and assassins trying to kill them for money! And Stiles found himself at the top of this wanted list! Wait...WHAT?

Yep that's right, you guessed it! The one and only Stiles Stilinski was now a part of the supernatural gang. Good bye human. Hello most powerful supernatural being in the history of supernatural beings! After that pesky, little, 1000 year old fox spirit was gone Stiles discovered that the nasty creature left behind a certain surprise for him. Now Stiles has to deal with being hunted down by the Benefactor. Yay!

Oh and Kate's back!


Post-season 3B and follows season 4 with a few extras... ;)!

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