Charisma( Edited)

Charisma( Edited)

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When you love someone, even though they are wrong for you, you still love them with all the little pieces.
Charisma White so innocent so beautiful and never expected that one day she will get the eyes of the wonderful Adam Hills bad yet dangerous guy who would do anything to get her
Will she try to get away from him or will she fall hard for him?
Pushing him off me 
Just to be pushed down on the mattress 
And him on top of me . 

"Wh-hat are you-" I said panicking pushing and kicking 
" leave me alone " I said in a warning tone 
He pinned me down on the bed with the most disgusting , ugly , and ridiculously attractive smir- wait did I just call him? No . Definitely not 

He placed his head in my crook of my neck 
" I've missed you so much " he said
"G-get off me " I said

Karisma__s Karisma__s May 23
I feel like I'm reading to myself in 3rd person. This is trippy
That's a really pretty dress choice and ,etc me tell you I hate dresses
Okay, I'm just gonna say it. Why in the world are all the sentences in this book so choppy. For example,
                              I woke up. I got out of bed. I brushed my teeth. I put on my clothes.
                              And has anyone noticed how most of the sentences start with 'I'?
Hey if you want me to do simple spelling checks for you I wouldn't mind, just message me or something 😌
123angel4u 123angel4u May 31
When visiting Australia for my photography I bought that outfit to wear and I had a chance to see a koala (huneybunch, it seemed to eat all my granola so I named it that) I miss honey off topic
Am I the only one that started reading this cause they have a beard kink? Yes? Okay