Smile {CieLizzy}

Smile {CieLizzy}

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What comes to your mind when you hear that word?
It is being happy and having fun with friends and family, no?

Well, Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford's thoughts are elsewhere.

Her beloved, the emotionless Earl, feared by many.

The one who is tainted by darkness.

The same darkness that follows him on his daily task for Her Majesty.

The darkness disguised as a butler.

The Lady Elizabeth's thoughts revolve around this tainted Watchdog.

To him, she is a bright light, one who should not and will not be tainted like he was.

But that bright light is fading.

Fading just like his Smile once did.

Fading just like him.

Fading away, being slowly tainted by her own demons.

But these demons don't make contracts.

Their home is the deep darkness of your mind, and they only come out when you are at your worst.

When you are weak.

They feed on this weakness, this fear.

And then you lose it.

Your happiness, your smile, your everything.

And it is replaced by fear, anger, and sadness.

So, how can the Little Earl protect her from being tainted if she's tainted already?

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KunoKaede KunoKaede Apr 11
Really good so far! Cielizzy is my favorite ship in Kuroshitsuji.