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Queen; Alec Lightwood.

Queen; Alec Lightwood.

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Hannah. By hannah_lucyb Updated May 08, 2016

"You had me at a point where I would've left the entire world behind for you. But you lost me, Alec. I'll always love you. But I am no longer your Princess. I'm my own Queen." - Hazel Havens.


Hazel Havens is a Shadowhunter. After losing her only family member left at the age of 9 she was taken in by the Lightwood's and formed an amazing bond with Izzy, Alec and Jace. She would risk her life for all three of them. Now that Clary Fray has come into the picture. Hazel realises that risking her life is a bit more possible.


[Alec is straight in this book, I honestly ship Malec more than anything though.]

Not even Izzy his sister but his princess... *mental note * get bf to call me princess
QuickArgent QuickArgent Sep 06, 2016
Oml i could so imagine Alec with his brooding face and then hazel giggling on his back ....
wutmartinski wutmartinski Jun 21, 2016
oh lord. alec and hazel's relationship will be the death of me. tOO FREAKING ADORABLE
armytrashhh armytrashhh Feb 19
Idky but to me I don't really like the actor portraying clary in the series :/// idk something about her annoys lol don't listen to me I'm just bitter
NikkiP3 NikkiP3 Jan 10
Ahhh this was sooo good. I already love how cute Alec is with hazel.