All I need ( Sans X Frisk fanfic )

All I need ( Sans X Frisk fanfic )

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Hail Hydra By Privilegee Completed

This is an Undertale fan fiction on one of many OTPs,Sans X Frisk

I do not own Undertale or any other characters from Undertale,but I do own the characters Frans and Claire in this story.

All rights are reserved to @privilegee 2016 ©. Do not copy of publish my works without my explicit permission. No translations allowed without permission.

Shadowqueen4 Shadowqueen4 Sep 10, 2016
omg hanging from the fan and sinning around
                              hahahhahahahhah omg so funny I want to do that! ♥♥♥
autumn1503 autumn1503 Oct 24, 2016
ok so like all my friends ship sans and toreal (idk how to spell her name sry )
bellavillammv bellavillammv Sep 29, 2016
                              *looks at the smol skelebean and smol hooman*
                              *ded XP*
I_Love_Blue1 I_Love_Blue1 Sep 17, 2016
I Don't Even Know What Undertale is.... WHY AM I HERE? (100% True)
Otako_Me_Is_Here Otako_Me_Is_Here Nov 05, 2016
Whenever I read or see papyrus I think of popeye :/ dunno why
xXxSriskxXx xXxSriskxXx Jun 11, 2016
It's ok I ship them to even though septiplierxme is my username