All I need ( Sans X Frisk fanfic )

All I need ( Sans X Frisk fanfic )

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Hail Hydra By Privilegee Completed

This is an Undertale fan fiction on one of many OTPs,Sans X Frisk

I do not own Undertale or any other characters from Undertale,but I do own the characters Frans and Claire in this story.

All rights are reserved to @privilegee 2016 ©. Do not copy of publish my works without my explicit permission. No translations allowed without permission.

omg hanging from the fan and sinning around
                              hahahhahahahhah omg so funny I want to do that! ♥♥♥
autumn1503 autumn1503 Oct 24
ok so like all my friends ship sans and toreal (idk how to spell her name sry )
Ok im confued are they two year olds or teenagers because Author~Chan your making it sound like their toddlers?!?!
                              *looks at the smol skelebean and smol hooman*
                              *ded XP*
I Don't Even Know What Undertale is.... WHY AM I HERE? (100% True)
Whenever I read or see papyrus I think of popeye :/ dunno why