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aelin By -aelin Updated May 31

❝I don't know who this 'Luke's Luck' is, but you guys have certainly written a lot about us doing the do.❞

Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings are two up and coming YouTube stars, under the usernames of MysticalMike and Luke's Luck. Both have heard faint things of each other (it's hard not to when they both have over five million subscribers), but neither of them have seen one another's videos. That is until MysticalMike is linked to 'Muke smut' in one of his Q & Gay's.

Muke AU
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my social media stuff is under "social hoe". a joke because my friends dad called me a posting hoe because i'm always on my phone.
*doesnt even know sexuality* well I don't relate at all nope not one bit ..... ( I should probably figure it out but whatever)
smilirose smilirose Nov 27
it's more of a six or seven Million thing since your subs are probably the same people subscribed to both of you...
Corona009 Corona009 Aug 28
somebody please tell him who the eff I is
                              *to whoever knows what song that is,, yeeaaasss*
I know you don't like when people ask you to update but I just found this story and I'm already in love with it, please I need to read more soon 😍 sorry if I bothered you (and sorry if my English is bad, I'm Italian 🙈) and have a nice day x
Blondhes Blondhes 7 hours ago
My parents are the same. They should be great full I'm not doing drugs