Karma x Reader

Karma x Reader

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Hello there. So, this story is based off of Nagisa x Reader but... It's Karma time! Not like... legit karma but Karma Akabane! (I love his last name XD) Plot:

You end up transferring to a new school and ended up in E class on sccident. You are really confused since you were suppose to be in A class but, your classmates treat you really kindly. Eventually, another new transfer students arrives but... It seems like he wasn't a transfer student but a kid who got expelled once and is back now. It was love at first sight and you hope you can get close enough to him, being more than just a friend and surviving your feelings.

Again, I don't own these characters who are based off from Assassination Classroom. Also, the cover photo is an edited photo so credit goes to the original art. Anyways, this story was requested by my sister since she <3 <3 <3's Karma~ Enjoy!

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MaiyouMichiko_Artaku MaiyouMichiko_Artaku Dec 24, 2017
he is the best sensei he is koro-sensei!!!!!!!! the best octopus
RanSenpai RanSenpai Jul 24, 2017
Korosensei is not an alien, if you watched the anime, you would know that.
TheMonsterofReading TheMonsterofReading Aug 23, 2017
Wow...you weren't kidding in the description when you said it was love at first sight...!
TheMonsterofReading TheMonsterofReading Aug 23, 2017
wait we have similar different uniforms?!
                              A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN!
AkiruHaru AkiruHaru May 06
I am sitting on Karma's sit.
                              Sitting arrangement in the Anime:
                              In the back:
                              ☆                    ☆        ☆          ☆
                              Ritsu.         Karma   Itona.   Terasaka
Lumine12345 Lumine12345 Sep 20, 2017
"Oh right" how did you forget the person that can destroy earth