Hail Hydra- B. Barnes (Under Editing)

Hail Hydra- B. Barnes (Under Editing)

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*currently being edited*

She can't remember anything except a man who works with her and a machine that messes with her mind. Her right arm and left leg have been replaced by a metal called Vibranium that gives her enhanced strength and durability. She hasn't forgotten the fact she is skilled in various forms of combat, and that she serves Hydra to make the world a better place. She is not the only victim. 

He doesn't remember anything as well. He has been known throughout history as the Winter Soldier. His partner, the Midnight Assassin, has been kept away from all media unlike him. He has always taken the fall. Hydra promises him many things, but he's starting to doubt them. He knows something is wrong, but can't remember what. He knows that he is serving Hydra to make the world a better place, but now, everything is slowly turning into something else. He's seen the Midnight Assassin before, but he doesn't know where...

As they go through their twisted lives as Hydra's personal soldiers, they might just find what their memories have lost long ago.

Little did they know, they'd be going to the future in just a short time
Skadi, hi! As you can tell I'm RP03 AND I notice you and I have the somewhat same picture as your book cover! And I have to say I absolutely live it! How you put the blood splotches on there. Oh my gosh! It is amazing.