Crush x reader one shots  (closed)

Crush x reader one shots (closed)

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Sakura deer By SakuraDeer7 Updated Dec 30, 2017

Crush x reader fanfics
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HeddaEmilieMolland HeddaEmilieMolland Dec 24, 2017
I showed it to two of My friends one of them gave a wtf look while i laughed
Nerd-A-Rella Nerd-A-Rella May 29, 2017
Bro I AM a shy Artist and my crush is one of the populars,(although he is my friend)
Dragon3693 Dragon3693 Apr 24, 2017
I really enjoy gazing at the picture, it's so, magestic like...!
Dadoubledeeds Dadoubledeeds Aug 18, 2017
HOLY WOW ITS BEAUTIFUL also the story kinda fits me and my crush I'm a shy artist and my crush is pretty much a womaniser and strangely we're close friends
KassandraMoreau KassandraMoreau May 11, 2017
I'm imagining Nagisa (?) saying this when Karma took a picture of him dressed as a girl