Crush x reader one shots  (slowly updating)

Crush x reader one shots (slowly updating)

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SakuraDeer7 By SakuraDeer7 Updated Aug 15, 2016

Crush x reader fanfics
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IroshadowGL IroshadowGL Sep 29, 2016
Do a female crush X female reader where they play truth or dare at a pool party!
leighbeez leighbeez Jul 26, 2016
Okay so...  The reader likes the crush but the crush doesn't like the reader...  But then after awhile he likes the reader then the reader is like "whaaaat"  and they go out or whatever and she decides he made her wait too long and hurt her too many times... Blah blah. Could be a long one 😂
Ori...*glares*the worst part is she would've totally done this
protovi protovi Sep 17, 2016
A reader x crush like the reader is a bully-victim and she is depressed and lol she gets bullied and her crush tryes to defend and protect her and after that they confess their love for each other?
Ruler_Of_the_Shadows Ruler_Of_the_Shadows Aug 28, 2016
I have aa new crush and i heard that  he likes me! But he speaks Spanish  only... and i dont know how to tell him i like him back.... Ugh...
NinjaNihon13 NinjaNihon13 Sep 09, 2016
It's really pretty author~sama!! You're talented at painting!! You're the artist here!