Butterfly {Petunia Evans AU}

Butterfly {Petunia Evans AU}

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Fireflies&Fairylight By -ghazale- Updated Nov 13

"The Butterfly transforms their life through meaningful coincidence"
  (Previously titled Petunia Evans)
  Petunia April Evans was proud to say she was strangely abnormal thank you very much.
  Her and her sister Lily, from young ages had both started to do unusual things. Things that could not, should not have been possible.
  And yet they broke the rules of impossible, venturing over the line every now and then.
  No one else knew what they could do. 
  It was their shared secret- their bond. It was what kept them together.
  They both appeared perfectly normal. They seemed to be the average 10 and 7 year old children but in stolen moments, they could make things happen. 
  They didn't know what it was, or anything about it but both were curious. They wanted more.
  It all started on  the 8th of August 1968. Which just so happened to be Petunia's birthday. Her eleventh birthday. 
  It was a day that the Evans family would remember.
  Yes. Petunia would never forget that day. The day that changed her life.


Started :           3rd April 2016

Wow love this so far! I can't wait to see what happens now that Petunia is a witch :)
either "couldn't have children - but they never" "couldn't have children, but they never" or "couldn't have children.  But they never"
"two wonderful children, had" okay I feel like I'm getting annoying now apologies
kiera-n kiera-n Apr 06
Fantastic book! I love how you made Petunia into a positive image
samlynch22 samlynch22 Jun 21
It says in your description of the story that it's paired by authorsclimax. The page is WritersClimax. Just pointing this out
I love the idea of Petunia having magic! This is incredible, please update soon! :)