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Fangs Vs Claws (SAMPLE)

Fangs Vs Claws (SAMPLE)

3M Reads 110K Votes 54 Part Story
Rua Hasan By TwinziHasan Completed

Sample Manuscript-70%
Published : March 9th, 2017

Highest ranking in Werewolf #3

|completed and slowly editing|

Fangs Vs Claws

Stella Parker, a 200 young beautiful vampire who is feisty and has a way with words. Stella is constantly moving from place to place with her family to avoid unnecessary questions due to the fact her family and her don't age after the age of 20. She doesn't believe in relationships with werewolves because of the conflict going on between them and also because werewolves age but vampires don't.

Aiden Smith, a 25 year old alpha who's cold-hearted and serious when it comes to his pack. Aiden might be cruel and dominant but that didn't stop him from wanting a mate ever since he turned 18. However after long years of never finding her , he finally gives up and focuses all his attention on his pack.

What will happen when Stella crosses his territory and learns that she is the mate of a well-known alpha? What will Aiden do when he finds out his mate is the enemy? Will Stella accept him or will she deny the bond even though Aiden won't take no for an answer? 

Find out in Fangs Vs Claws.

//A big thanks to @XantheRowd for the wonderful cover up above <3\\

***WARNING*** I'm a crappy writer and get so many comments saying that I ruined the 'stereo type' for vampires because the main character is 'weak' 'dumb' 'bruises easily' 'not fast enough' and so much more, SO BEWARE! THIS ISN'T TWILIGHT PEOPLE ! I write what I want so if this book doesn't meet your expectations then go f-uh show yourself the door kindly :)

KsamSakura KsamSakura Mar 11
Wow that was an awesome copyright message I have read it n every words n sentences so true.. You r an  inspirational.. I m gonna read this book for sure.. ... Thumbs Up for you..
She made an indirect pun! SUCK! Get it? Cause they are vampires!!! 😂😂
QueenJayC QueenJayC Mar 28
And I thought my bestfriend and her boyfriend had an age gap....
                              175 Year age difference...
                              I mean- I'm not hating or anything😇
Are these open in bookstores? If so, what countries are available for it?
BITCH YOUR GONNA DIE OOOOOWWWW.  Ok I don't actually mean that it's a Reference to a song that any ARMY would know.
evelina215 evelina215 Mar 03
Omg thats really good. Bouts to start. Seen that you're getting published. Had to read!