Bruce. The Man Behind The Mask. Bruce Wayne/ Batman x reader

Bruce. The Man Behind The Mask. Bruce Wayne/ Batman x reader

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What happens when you meet Bruce Wayne?

Things  to note:

-For this to make sense you are in 19-27 years old. Sorry if in real life you are a different age.

- You live in Metropolis 

-Swearing involved 

-Lemon involved in the future 

Thing you probably already know:

Y/N- Your Name / first name (yes I accidentally use Y/N for first name)
F/N - First name
L/N- Last name
N/N- Nick name of a shortened version of your name

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gcgonzalez gcgonzalez Mar 27
Me: *texts back* Hey! Don't leave me here! I hate parties... and people! And socialising!
It burns your throat! Some people get drunk from one glass!!!!
gcgonzalez gcgonzalez Mar 27
My response: I get migraines. Alcohol plus me equals inability to move for at least three days.
-BattyWayne- -BattyWayne- Dec 29, 2017
                              ...for the 9th time...
gcgonzalez gcgonzalez Mar 27
Me: *stutters* Um, you too.... *picks up random champagne glass* Chapagne?
gcgonzalez gcgonzalez Mar 27
What would happen to me:
                              Me: Who's that?
                              Jennifer: *speaks in spanish* ¿Estás estupida? ¡Ello es Bruce Wayne!
                              Me: *switches to spanish* ¡Coñyo! No necessitas gritar, Jennifer. ¡Aye dio mio!
                              Random person: What you two saying?