Bruce. The Man Behind The Mask. Bruce Wayne/ Batman x reader

Bruce. The Man Behind The Mask. Bruce Wayne/ Batman x reader

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What happens when you meet Bruce Wayne?

Things  to note:

-For this to make sense you are in 19-27 years old. Sorry if in real life you are a different age.

- You live in Metropolis 

-Swearing involved 

-Lemon involved in the future 

Thing you probably already know:

Y/N- Your Name / first name (yes I accidentally use Y/N for first name)
F/N - First name
L/N- Last name
N/N- Nick name of a shortened version of your name

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KFCFingerLickingGood KFCFingerLickingGood Nov 05, 2017
It's billionaire millionaire was so last year (*cough* from batman arkham city*cough *)
-BattyWayne- -BattyWayne- Dec 29, 2017
                              ...for the 9th time...
-Freaky_BabyBean- -Freaky_BabyBean- Aug 05, 2016
Actually it's billionaire but whatever still alot of money love the story!!
_soldier_76_ _soldier_76_ Feb 19, 2017
Why am I being a bitch all of a sudden?
                              Oh yeah I'm always one. 
                              *Slaps myself back to the fanfic*
_soldier_76_ _soldier_76_ Feb 19, 2017
Changing it so it's his batman voice. 
                              Hello I'm Bruce Wayne..'S ROOMATE
                              Lego Batman Gotham Cribs references for the win
DeathandDenna DeathandDenna May 03, 2016
That would not be me I would like probably be too shy and I'd probably be like not going with him.