Male!Various X Male!Reader [BoyxBoy]

Male!Various X Male!Reader [BoyxBoy]

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Male!Various(Male!Female Characters) x Male!Reader
[Request Open]
We're heading for 25 one-shots. I have future one shots going on.

There will be yaoi, lots of it. Also lemon, lime, fluff, cheesy romance, and more.

Those of you who have requested on the last book, tell me now, but on the previous page thing "Let's try this again"
Yaoi/Lemon: You don't like it? Don't read it. Feel uncomfortable? Wait for the next update. Impatient? Sorry, but can't do anything about that. Busy person. Want to request? Request! Unless it says request close.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the animes or characters in this book. Well besides my OC's (But not their pictures). I do not own any art or pictures in this book, unless said, which is never. But I do own the plots or ideas for every one shot... most of the time.

Can you please do juuzou from Tokyo ghoul it would be awesome :D
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cookie12231 cookie12231 Oct 17
Aye could I get a Dio x seme male reader lemon plez.
                              The anime is jojo's bizarre adventure if you didn't know