Workin' Day and Night

Workin' Day and Night

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Leia Jackson is the only daughter of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley, but she also has an older brother named  Prince, he is 17 and an older sister named Paris, she is 16 and a little brother named Blanket, he is 12. Paris and Prince's mother is Debbie Rowe. Blanket's mom is a surrogate so they really didn't know who she is other than Michael. 

Michael and Lisa got a divorce after a year Leia was born. They decided that Michael would have full custody over Leia cause she was more closer to him then she was with her mother. But she still does see Lisa now and then. (Same exact thing goes for Prince and Paris with Debbie.)

At the age of 9, Leia was showing talent just like her father. She would sing and dance around the house all the time . Her brothers and sister, not so much. So Michael would have her sing at parties and perform at little special events, but he didn't push her to do something she didn't want because he knew how that felt.
Leia is now 15 years old and she wants to do exactly what her father does, but Michael is on the edge about it because he feels it will change her life forever. But he knows she's got what it takes.

Find out Leia's journey with her family, friends, love life and her struggles to possibly be the "Princess of Pop"! 

(This is my first story ever so be a little easy on me lol)

it's a typo. it's actually Leia. I like your name though lol
Finally a story where my name is the name of the main character :')