Not all Blondes do Backflips

Not all Blondes do Backflips

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krista By CrayonChomper Updated Dec 25, 2014


I hate them.

On my first day at my new school, a girl in a blue and white cheerleader's uniform told me I 'looked like a cheerleader' and asked me to come to tryouts.

I almost decked her.

Blonde hair and blue eyes do not a cheerleader make.

Cheerleaders can be bitchy and mean but they can also act all happy and excited and they can drool and swoon over Finn Wallace – the hands-down hottest guy in school – like there's no tomorrow.

Me?  Well, I'm just bitchy and mean.

So someone please tell me why Finn Wallace is suddenly chasing after me?

*This is NOT a Bridgit Mendler fan fiction*

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Mhiz_arabnic Mhiz_arabnic 6 days ago
Omg... Aint they perfect for a barbie dream house movie😂😂😂😂
CaitlanOwen CaitlanOwen Mar 05
Btw for all the new readers this book hasn't been updated for over a year.....
*hand shoots up from the back of the classroom* I know! Please don't pity me! *grins*
Considering you just told us that your family is named after the Beatles and Barbie World characters.....not that far of a leap, fam.