Jack Johnson imagines {Completed}

Jack Johnson imagines {Completed}

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mich_loves_5sos By mich_loves_5sos Completed

Hey there loves! As you all can tell by the title, this is all about my baby Jack J (with some guest appearance). 

These will be leaning more towards interracial(black and white), but some may not have a specific description of (Y/n)...

*I'll probably be taking requests if anyone wants anything written for them. 

Check out my Jack J fanfic called Soul. 

Also, if you're a 5sos fan, go ahead and check out my imagines for them and the Calum fanfic (slow updates for that).

The updates may be hella slow (college problems), but I hope you all will enjoy anyway!

Much love,

Michelle <3

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                              ITS THE GOOD TIME THE GOOD FRIE-
                              JACK SHUT UP