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Gumwum By gumwum Updated Aug 19

This isn't your common bad boy story.

This bad boy doesn't drive a motorcycle, he isn't rich, he doesn't have tattoos, or risks lung cancer by smoking, and he doesn't love the good girl.

He smashed into her life when he tried to rob her.

She smashed into his life when she pepper sprayed him.

Then he smashed her heart.

mysticaldes mysticaldes Aug 01
That's a stupid idea, but ngl, i would be the dumb one that actually does this before remembering that he said he was going to rob me💀🤦🏼‍♀️
la-fresa la-fresa Jul 21
If this were my couch and this dumb boy got blood on it...woo... there would be things worse than pepper spray in the eye
fckshtfck fckshtfck Jul 10
Dead ass laughing for 3 minutes stra8ght cause I though the title was "Smosh" so I just imagined a horribly cringy over acted version of this w the Smosh guys
What robber tells the person they are robbing that they are robbing them boi
Did this bitch seriously invite a robber into her house?!?! She's definitely that one idiot in a horror movie
..... Did she...... Did she just invite the dude who was trying to rob her over to her house ..... Girl are you tryna die.