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smaoineamh By smaoineamh Completed

Brendan Connolly seems to have a great life...except he's lost interest in it completely. Bored and lonely, Brendan returns to Lincoln High School to the same old routines, with the exception of his newfound friendship with Rilo Murray. Brendan finds himself drawing closer and closer to the mysterious boy, never imagining just how intense their relationship will become. Together, they embark on a strange and twisting road of self-discovery and Brendan watches his life change before his eyes.

Author's Notes: Hello! Just to be clear, this is a Teen Romance that happens to have two guys doing all the romancing. Also...I must admit that it is pretty dang cheesy. Some parts are less cheeselicious than others, like a very thin layer of  mozzarella on a New York slice. But other parts have heaping heaps of cheese to rival a three-cheese Chicago deep dish. Hmm...I had something else to say in this note, but I am now craving pizza too much to focus. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think! Happy reading!

LolitaxHaze LolitaxHaze Mar 18
If she dumped him after he paid for the food she's genius 😂
Oh shīt you don't even know how glad I am that I finished school 🌚
Being good In maths at school isn't that impressive actually, being good at maths in college/uni is impressive af tho, there are people with my major in their senior year who still have to pass the maths classes which you usually start to take freshmen year😂
Hahaha that's me 😂😂 like last summer, the summer between high school and uni I cut my hair from waist-length to a really short undercut and got piercings and I'm planning on dying it blue 😂
Oooooohhh vacuuming won't help.
                              Once you have glitter anywhere, you'll have it everywhere... for eternity ✨
My last school year I didn't give a shït at all anymore 😂😂 it was so relaxing getting up 15 minutes before the bus comes, sleeping through or skipping half my classes and not dive a dāmn about everyone besides a few friends😂