Got7 Smuts

Got7 Smuts

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I know girls face but no name By bts_got7memes Updated Jul 11, 2016

It was a Saturday morning you woke up and realize that bambam is not next to you anymore.You look at the lamp post and see a card from him.The card says "sorry honey I promise I will be home in time for our anniversary ~love bambam". You stand up and go to the restroom to wash up. When your done you put a dress on and decide to go shopping for your anniversary you find a short beautiful skinny yellow dress. By the time your home its already 7pm because of the mall being so far. you change in to your dress and do your hair and make-up and wait for bambam to come pick you up. 

You see its already 9:30,you decide to go change when you think to yourself that he will get punished. You undressed yourself and put a transparant  dress on by the time bambam comes home.

 Its was already 1am he walks into the bedroom turns the light on and sees you on your knees at the edge of the bed when he says ''what are you doing" you answer " I decided to organize something for you since you were late" he...

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Kneish_ME Kneish_ME Jul 22, 2017
Okay I think it's time I go to be close my eyes re-think the day come to this and say "what the f uck was that"
lushplanets lushplanets May 26, 2016
First lemme say, in the photo above, on the second part look at where Marks eyes lead to...... also make a YoungJae one?