Destined To Love

Destined To Love

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Book I of the BACHELOR Series

Born into a life of spectacular opulence, Arabella Petrov, was everything was natural beauty and purity at heart and attributes. Compared to other rich 'princesses', Arabella was not blinded by wealth but by life and the good ways of humanity. However, she learns that not everything in life is a bed of roses; happiness doesn't last forever.  

After losing her confidante, her 'Soldier', her father, she developed a weakness. Challenges appeared and her life becomes a battlefield each day. Moving from her home country and leaving behind her life, she welcomes the transition Greece offers her- Stavros Tritanos Mikhailov.  

The renown mechanical engineer who has empires worldwide. A man of power, dominance, and ambition. His life consists of his family and work. Caring for others isn't in his book and women are nothing to him no matter how beautiful or intriguing.  

Not until he meets Arabella Petrov. The two share a love and hate relationship where they are stuck between 'loving' each other whilst facing the challenges life offers them and falling apart due to their own beliefs.  

Arabella's belief is that true love is given to those who are destined to love and she is willing to leave her relationship for the sake of destiny to be with her destined. Stavros believes that there is nothing like love and he won't love a woman in his life. Each wanting opposites yet connecting in ways unknown.

With the two having their own perspectives, will they overcome these hurdles and fall prey to love? Will they test destiny and determine if they are destined to love or not? Will they accept their destiny? Will they move on and leave what was left forgotten? 

Are they destined to love? Read further to find out...

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