Ruu Fanfix: "Serpentine"[ON-HOLD]

Ruu Fanfix: "Serpentine"[ON-HOLD]

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Yram Loru Oslacab By irdanian32297 Updated Oct 01, 2016

LaLu, but it's more of an adventure type of story.

DISCLAIMER! I DO NOT OWN FAIRYTAIL. Just the plot of this Fanfic and other characters that are probably not from Fairytail

Warning: Swearing 


Lucy acquired a strange key from a mission with Natsu. As she inspected it more, she suddenly transformed into a snake! An endangered one at that!

And no one else knows about it but Crux! What will she do?

Meanwhile, Laxus suddenly had a strange feeling. It was a feeling that something important will be taken away from him.

The only question was, what will be taken away from him?

Was it Something?

Or was it someone?

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