pretty // septiplier

pretty // septiplier

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röv By bottomash Updated Jan 10, 2017

"you always call me pretty and it makes me angry because i like when you call me pretty, but you shouldn't be calling me pretty, and i think there's a part of you that knows you shouldn't"

"i'm sorry"

"it's okay-"

"no I mean i'm sorry you feel that way, if i see something pretty, or see something that i like, i'm going to acknowledge that, because beautiful things deserve to know they're beautiful, i couldn't care less what gender you are, you're fucking stunning, and i hope there's a part of you that knows i'm right"

[a story in which an egocentric irish boy named jack always thought he was straight until this sanguine and facetious boy from his schools basketball team suddenly obtained the confidence to tell him he was really pretty]

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Wouldn't Jack be too short (irl) to play volleyball? And Mark is WAY too short to play basketball.. Thank God for AUs lol
crankycal_ crankycal_ Jan 05, 2017
oh my god i cant deal with this, you're giving me heart compulsions
Dat_Crankler_Doe Dat_Crankler_Doe Oct 10, 2016
He is so pretty. *Jack blinks his eyelashes and sparkles glisten around Jack's light blush, his hand under his chin.*
MemesAndBrokenDreams MemesAndBrokenDreams Aug 16, 2016
I was gonna make a really bad and inappropiate joke about how I love me some pussy but then thought "Am I THAT low?"
Leafys_Bleach Leafys_Bleach Sep 23, 2016
CoolCatPoofless CoolCatPoofless Sep 25, 2016
I love looking at the times these comments were posted bc it's always at super late times at night 😂😂😂