Caramel Kisses [ Interracial ]

Caramel Kisses [ Interracial ]

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pretty gal 🦄 By WoahThatsNormal Updated Feb 20, 2017

[ Strong Language Warning ]

"Fuck off! Go back to your hoe."

I looked at her and she looked at me with her eyes full of disgust and hatred. I tried to grab her again but she pushed me back once more.

"Please Rae, I'm sorry. Lets talk."

The elevator dinged and the doors opened. I quickly grabbed her before she got on and she pushed me off again.

"Aiden, you can go talk to that bitch."

Twenty-one year old Raelyn Myers has been through thick and thin. The only thing in her life that she is absolutely sure of is her Aiden.

Twenty-four year old Aiden Reynolds. With his constant pressure from his family company he isn't sure what to do. The only thing he is sure of though is the caramel goddess he wakes up to every morning.