Painted In Blood [Kaname x Reader]

Painted In Blood [Kaname x Reader]

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Emerald By SpiffyEmerald Updated Nov 30, 2016

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A pureblood vampire named (Y/N) has connections with people that even she doesn't know. Being best friends with Yuki Cross, having a mysterious tie to Zero, and an unknown relationship between Kaname Kuran... Everything comes together when (Y/N) joins the night class at Cross Academy.

MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS if you haven't watched all of Vampire Knight (anime) or read all of the manga!

Your POV: >>>
Kaname' POV: ~~~
Yuki's POV: ^^^
Zero's POV: \\\
Author's POV: •••

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That song is called the daughter of darkness one of my songs
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Lol! *rolling around laughing*
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