Dark Forest

Dark Forest

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Nikki By Aint_It_Fun Completed

Red Capes have one job: keep people from entering the forest, and keep whatever is inside from getting out. Unfortunately, Zara's time as a Red Cape is over. After her involvement in her partner's tragic death, she is driven from the forest guard with nothing more than a small trunk of belongings and her guilt. She's been surviving ever since as the kingdom miscreant. Secretly, all she really wants is one impossibility- to redeem herself and earn back her place among the guard. When a mysterious Huntsman shows up in the kingdom, searching for her by name, Zara can't help but think she may have found her imperfect opportunity. 

Somewhere deep within the dark forest, a princess has been taken hostage by the werewolves. As the royal Huntsman, it's Ronan's job to find her and bring her back. And who better to guide him than a former member of the renowned Red Capes? While Zara isn't thrilled at the idea of working side by side with the annoyingly charming Huntsman, his proposition could be her only chance to impress the guard. 

However, there is more than just a lost princess awaiting her inside the forest. When the werewolf king himself begins making cryptic appearances within her dreams, Zara is left to wonder the truth behind their strange connection. What he wants is clear- to rise from exile and regain his old power. And for some reason, he needs Zara to do it. While she's certain it has everything to do with their unexplainable bond, not even her burning curiosity will allow her to give in. Soon what began as a simple rescue mission becomes a challenge for her life. One the werewolf king is intent on winning.

BoomersGirl BoomersGirl May 07, 2016
Great story so far! The mystery of the forest is a good driving force. I hope you don't mind my editing remarks—took an editing class in college. I look forward to the continuation!
DolphinsIcedTea DolphinsIcedTea Jun 01, 2016
I loved how you started the story and left so many questions behind. I love the idea you have here, and I will be sure to read more. Thanks
AngelHaze_G AngelHaze_G Sep 18, 2016
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