My Tragic Love Story (BTS, GOT7 Fanfic) -DISCONTINUED-

My Tragic Love Story (BTS, GOT7 Fanfic) -DISCONTINUED-

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-Part two of The Bullies- 

It Begun with a story

After a few years, love started to occur. Fourteen boys and one girl? Sounds uneasy right? What if two people fell in love with Yoo Mi? Or maybe worse, three? Or maybe even more worse more than three? 

When they thought everything was going well, the least expected thing happened. Then it was followed with more Tragic events. The past is repeating again for Yoo Mi and everything was getting out of control. What would happen to the boys? What would happen to Yoo Mi? What would happen to their unbreakable friendship?

"We're sorry." "For what?"

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imveryhangry imveryhangry Mar 05, 2018
Yes....what are you thinking about author-nim, thinking about more drama?
icescoups icescoups Apr 01, 2018
You sound like a person who just got married for some reason
Aghafam Aghafam Dec 18, 2017
I think the girl Bully for her old school is gonna come back and make her sad :(
- - Jun 08, 2016
Even though I have what I want I still ask for things. * *