Protect Your Soul (Redney | Red X Barney)

Protect Your Soul (Redney | Red X Barney)

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Haikyuu trash By Vetrasama Updated Mar 15

Red or his human name, Micheal is a half demon, half grim reaper who is on a lead to become a dono (god) of his time. But of his time of being a 'noobie' He is sent on a special task to portect a human from hunters trying to kill him and take his soul.

They are unaware of why they want to kill to him but all will be uncovered.

Updates : Weekly (no promises)

Topeaa Topeaa Dec 20, 2016
Okay then. If it's your pov while you're watching him we'll all be watching him. . . . that sounds sorta creepy. 
                              BUT WHAT EVER THAT'S WHAT WE'RE MADE FOR!
creativecreamer creativecreamer Apr 12, 2016
this is gonna be so awesome
                              I was waiting for this moment where red kills people for a long time (?)
fellsans232 fellsans232 Oct 21, 2016
Bruh, that's not creepy. If your not trying to be creepy, mission accomplished! If you are, you need some work. If you want to be creepy, ever, ask me. I know how to be creepy, a stalker, and a creepy stalker. I'm better at stalker though.😏
oh dear god... I only killed 162 people! I SHOULD'VE DONE BETTER!
-RandomHasNoFeeling- -RandomHasNoFeeling- Aug 20, 2016
Red and Barney: SOUL RESONANCE! 
                              Red:*Turns into Death sythe*
                              Maka:Whoa, they're great together, I ship it!
                              Soul:You took the words right out of my mouth.
Blazing_Trailz Blazing_Trailz Aug 26, 2016
I bet you didn't realize that the cover says "Portect Your Soul"