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melanin ✨ By Queen_Shakur Updated Dec 03, 2017

|october 3, 1992.

"I ain't got no motherfucking family, bitch nigga." 

I blew smoke from my nostrils and enjoyed the toxic scent as long as I could before it would disappear into the air and become useless as everything else in this bitch world.

"Everybody got family...just decide if you want 'em in ya' life or not." I shrugged before plopping back down on the worn out bed, that I'm pretty sure is infested with roaches.

"You always got the fuckin' answers, don't you Bullet?" 

Before I could stop myself, I walked up on and stuck my freshly lit cigarette into the worn out and sore infested flesh on his cheek, making him scream out in pain and agony. 

A grim smile appeared on my face at the sound of his pain, before it smugly disappeared. I gripped the crown of his nappy head and flung it back to my eyes level before whispering a nice little reminder in his ear.

I rolled my eyes at the sound of pussy ass whimpers. "Don't ever call me that bullshit again, you hea' me?" 

He continue...

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