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Smile By Queen_Shakur Updated Oct 09

"Well, what the fuck you expect me to do?!"

"Calm down...and lis--"

"Nah, man. FUCK THAT! I can't calm down..." I glanced over at him.

"Bullet, j-just chill.."

"Daniel, bro. Listen! Listen! Do you not know what the fuck we just did?!" I looked him dead in the eye and watched as his face turn red.

He couldn't bring himself up to speak.

"Exactly, Daniel...we killed the wrong motherfucker, man." I glanced over at him before falling back. 


*grabs popcorn and gets comfortable* This is gonna be good. I can see all of this playing in my head, just like a movie.
Oh. My. God. So he survived that fall off the roof in Juice?
I find myself having to use that mentality with certain members of my family as of late.