Dark Angel 》 Arrow

Dark Angel 》 Arrow

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The name of the island they found us on is Lian-Yu.  It's Mandarin for "Purgatory." We've been stranded here for 5-years. I've dreamt of our rescue every cold black night since then.  For 5 years, we've had only one thought, one goal... survive... survive and one day return home.  The island held many dangers.  To live, we had to make ourself more than what we were, to forge ourself into a weapon.  I am returning, not as the girl who was shipwrecked, but the woman who will bring justice to those who have poisoned our city.

My name is Ashley Merlyn.

[Disclaimer: I do not own Arrow.  Only Ashley and her plot.]

[Season 1]

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BrittPeasley BrittPeasley Sep 17, 2017
They did spend 5 Years on an island together...that's bound to make the two of them closer
laylasluv laylasluv Jan 27
I thought she was talking about Roy but the I saw Barry and I was like "YAY🙌"
BrittPeasley BrittPeasley Sep 17, 2017
How's she supposed to find a boyfriend with guys like Diggle and Tommy around? (Even Oliver--he's intimidating)