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Imaginary Boyfriend

Imaginary Boyfriend

18.1K Reads 1.2K Votes 19 Part Story
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ By glitchcity Completed

(Note: This story is pretty old and I really don't like it. But some people do, so I'm not deleting it. Also, a lot of weird shit happens in this story. You've been warned.)

P.S, I kept the old description cause I don't want people to be confused. If you finish this book and read the sequel, you won't be confused with the description.

New Description:
He's unknown in our world.
Nothing but a thought.
Who is he actually?
A nightmare you can't awake from.

Old Description: 
Veronica White dates Malak Watson. But it isn't the real one. After learning that her crush is dating Katina, she has an imaginary boyfriend that is almost exactly like Malak. Will it effect her social life? Is her imaginary boyfriend their own person?

fwtb_Mickey fwtb_Mickey Nov 24, 2016
Nigga You Weren't Born Child You Were Made Like Chocolate Nigga you were made 😌
Zd4boss95 Zd4boss95 Jul 20, 2016
Nigga your not even real what u go finger me with air💀🐸☕️
__ThePlug__ __ThePlug__ Jun 21, 2016
I imagine him bein my best friend but with my eyes open cuz if I close them its always someone else taking my shine and all I see is me crying *huffs and folds arms*
fwtb_Mickey fwtb_Mickey Nov 24, 2016
Wait Did He Appear Like That He Must Of Licked Something If He Appeared Like That Maybe Katinas Ear 😬
fwtb_Mickey fwtb_Mickey Nov 24, 2016
Wait If He's Imaginary Does That Me They Can't 👉👌 Cause How Can They 👉👌 If His Dick Is Imaginary 😶😶
Kaylab_oss Kaylab_oss Oct 12, 2016
Wait wtf, how is he supposed to do anything if he isnt real 😂