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The Move 「Garmau AU」

The Move 「Garmau AU」

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✧ K i t t e n ✧ By SkyStormer_ Updated Mar 23

She was just like any other ordinary teenager. A young woman living with their family. Happy to move along with a handful of friends.
She wasn't considered, nor a boaster. She was kind, helpful, and outgoing at the most.

She was happy to be the person she was, with her friends.
Then, it all changed pretty quickly, and her world was tilted upside down.
It began with the news of her moving, her having to be swept away from her older friends she'd known for so long, leaving the place she called her home.
Then came her boyfriend.
Finally ending with their actual move.

Though on her way to the place she would soon call home, she wondered, what would this new start bring into her life?
Adventure? Discoveries? Friendship? Perhaps even, love?
Little had she known that her ordinary image would be torn to shreds by the new and old people she'd be facing.

He was just like any other young adult. Up for anything, hanging with his buds.
But again, there was a part of him empty, lonely, and bored.

He lived the same life, every day.
Doing the same actions, every day.

He thought it'd never change.
He thought he'd keep living a life of boringness till he had to find his own job, and start his own life.

That was until the day he met her on the street of Phoenix City,
                  "We dDidn't Fall In Love Once, But Twice."
        ♡My First Aphmau- ship- fanfiction! || Re-Started||♡
          ❤All Characters and original ship ideas Belong To Jessica, aka; Aphmau ( Skylar is my oc though) ❤
  ♥ @Empress_Aphmau ♥       
   |~Warning~|  You might cry from the feelz.. and cringe from how bad this will be
        x x x x x 
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    // I take NO credit for any of the images on the cover. I purely put it together. All rights to the creators of the images.

LIKE HE DID WITH DAT PUSS- *gets knocked out by garroth with baseball bat*
HiddinInTheShadows HiddinInTheShadows Oct 23, 2016
Yay i can read both i read the other one and it was great so i'm happy i am going to read another one
LunaIzMeh LunaIzMeh Feb 13
I knew it happens all the time 
                              *turns around*
                              So Aaron what do you have to say for yourself?
                              Aaron- No regrets 
                              *Staps in the knee*
                              Yeah but I think you regret me finding out~
DontForgetTheJazz DontForgetTheJazz Oct 09, 2016
How did you find such a good cover?!? And if you didn't find it, HOW IN THE NAME OF IRENE DID YOU MAKE THAT?!?!
I think I'm going to need to prepare something 
                              *prepares torture chamber*