The Move『garmau』

The Move『garmau』

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❝ We Didn't Fall In Love Once, But Twice ❞

Aphmau Ellie Phoenix, your ordinary young woman living with her family. She was just generally happy, and she couldn't stop being so. She had a handful of friends that fit perfectly with her, and a happy family as well. She wasn't conceded with what she had, nor had she been a boaster. She was very kind, very helpful, and extremely outgoing.

    She was happy to be the person she was.

Then, everything began to topple over. She was given the news of her having to move from the place that she called home for her entire life.
She'd have to part with her friends and boyfriend, and somehow, she couldn't help but worry about her own future.

    Little had she known that her ordinary image would be torn to shreds by the new and old people she'd be facing.
He was just like any other young adult. Up for anything, hanging with his buds. But again, there was a part of him empty, lonely, and bored. He lived the same life, every day. Doing the same actions, every day.
And he thought it'd never change. He thought he'd keep living a life of boringness till he had to find his own job, and start his own life.
    That was until the day he met her on the street of Phoenix City.

When this unlikely pair bump into one another, they were not expecting for there to be a spark that would kindle.

Cover image does not belong to me! Credits to the photographer and creators of the fonts used.

All the following characters, with the exception of my OC, Skylar, belong to @empress_aphmau.
The plot, however, belongs to me, the writer.

Warning || Cringe | Topics of bullying, sadness, and death |

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aurore-dawn aurore-dawn Oct 16, 2017
this book is so amazing so far and im only on the prologue!! i wish paper books were this good. ( and gamau LOL )
squidfangirl squidfangirl Nov 26, 2017
*when you wish boys even thought your heart was worth crushing*
littlepalelies littlepalelies Aug 02, 2017
I always associate the name Aaron with my ass of an ex boyfriend, who was named Aaron.
damienthebro damienthebro Dec 15, 2017
Tbh, instead of doing pg, maybe pg-13, I mean everyone likes a little romance, (and because you’re making a new version) (not a perv I swear 😂😂)
CraftyGizmo CraftyGizmo Nov 26, 2017
I read all of your remakes for this book.  Excited to see what this book entails.
squidfangirl squidfangirl Nov 26, 2017
Lmao this would’ve gone so differently if it was my mom 😂