My Savage (Wilde Hopps/ Nick x Judy)

My Savage (Wilde Hopps/ Nick x Judy)

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☆WildeHopps Trash☆ By WildeHopps_ Updated Jul 27, 2016

[Alternated version of Zootopia]

Nick Wilde is a cop in Zootopia along sides with a very flirtatious arctic fox, Vixen. As animals are starting to come up missing, Nick is on the case.

Along the way he meets a young and optimistic rabbit, Judy Hopps, who becomes a prime suspect since one animal has attacked her. 

So he brings her a long for the ride, at which Vixen is being very suspicious toward her. 

Judy and Nick become very close, making Vixen jealous and even tries to get rid of her.

But as a problem breaks out with Nick, he is fired. How will Judy take this? And why was he fired? Who is taking out all the animals? Is Vixen behind all of this?

(Sorry I'm really bad at book summaries! XD)

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