Magi Oneshots [Requests Are Closed For Now]

Magi Oneshots [Requests Are Closed For Now]

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♔YOONGI'S WIFE♔ By MinYoongisWifeee Updated Apr 07

This is a one shot book and I hope you enjoy it. The first few stories are sucky in my opinion, but I'm pretty sure my writing slowly gets better in the one shots. Oh, I am starting a 20 oneshot request marathon, so you better request quickly, but right now its closed. I will reopen and the first 20 requests I will take after I'm done doing 20 of them, but I promise I will finish every single request any reader have ever typed in here on the comments.

Anyone a fan of Suga/Yoongi? Monsta X? SHINee? BTS? No? Then I'm sorry, we can not be friends my dear reader. Cause this 13 year old author is a fan of boys who wear eye liners and dance and sing. I GOT MORE THAN 10 KOREAN CELEBRITY CRUSHES. And they are handsome Korean guys. Don't judge. I just LOVE them. I can talk about them all day, but I will try to stop cause I don't wanna bore ya. Anyways, just tap on the read already. 

E N J O Y ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

scorpiet scorpiet May 06
Idk if you're still available but can you please make a jafar x mute reader?
Vulpixal Vulpixal Apr 08
Yes he "seems" innocent but he could kill you in half a second
MinYoongisWifeee MinYoongisWifeee Apr 17, 2016
Its about inappropriate stuff, so that is why I said no lemons because I clearly so not want to write about that
The_little_stargazer The_little_stargazer Jul 24, 2016
Um..  Can I please request for a Titus x reader?  or Yunan x reader?
XMisTerMisTyEyesX XMisTerMisTyEyesX Jun 18, 2016
                              Those are my fav charters if you can write a one shot of one of them that would be great
MulanaTheDestoyer MulanaTheDestoyer Jul 28, 2016