Lost (Gaster!Sans X Reader)

Lost (Gaster!Sans X Reader)

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KitKat By SkeleStrider Updated Jul 13, 2017

Okay so this is a SLOWBURN it has an actual storyline. I don't own any art in this (unless I say I do...) and most importantly I don't own you, nor Undertale 

Any way storyline:
 you are (y/n), a young girl (you are 18)who lives alone. Humans are waging war on monsters (you live out of what they call the 'safe zone') and you are in danger of dying. When you feel as if nothing good will ever come in your life, you got lost... Until he came. 

Enjoy \(^ w ^ /)

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Scarlett_N Scarlett_N Nov 12, 2016
I had a cat named moe
                              He was before I was born but he was our cat
                              He was a grey kitty
                              He was a BA stray...
                              I wish I remember him..
skitt_cat skitt_cat Jul 08, 2016
This might sound stupid but what does OOC mean? I know that OC means orginal character but no idea what OOC means.....
                              Pls help me
chicken-dip chicken-dip Apr 18, 2016
Sorry, I never notice weird parts unless there in my story. So I had to point this out. Sowwy.
kissofhorror kissofhorror Apr 01, 2016
From what I've seen from other people, you are doing a great job with Gaster Sans' personality c: I don't think he's OOC at all. Keep up the good work!!
igniterman1 igniterman1 Mar 04, 2017
roses are violets,
                              red is blue,
                              I like donuts,
                              I really like them.
-Holy-Shiteu- -Holy-Shiteu- Oct 15, 2016
                              UT!Sans: oh jeez kid ●/////●
                              G!Sans: (so cute....wait what nonononono!) ●////////●